Pitch cards is a new card game created for people with ideas.

It is the easiest way to create pitches, talks and conferences.

Improve your skills and master public speaking with us.

 Funded with kickstarter

One name, two games

What if you could be an amazing speaker? Would you like that?

Pitch cards the game

2 keywords, one constraint and you’ll have to create a pitch ! Funny keywords and real constraints to help you create incredible startups pitches. Sounds funs isn’t it?

Pitch cards the method

4 areas of improvement, 54 questions to trigger your inner performer. It is time to make you shine.

 “I imagined these 2 decks as tools helping to create great speakers. You’ll get rid of your bad habits, get better ones and have fun.”

William Roy  Pitch Deck Conceptor

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“We worked hard to create a solution for every startuper, speaker, teacher, tutor, facilitator that wants to see great ideas spreading. We are now ready to change the way people talk in public, are you?”

2 Decks

As pitching is a multilevel practice, theses decks are your best friends

Carefully Designed

We spent a lot of time on design, not just because we like beautiful things but because we love useful and beautiful tools.

Tested on startupers, speakers and teachers

For the last 2 years, we tried, tested and tweaked these 2 decks in order to achieve the biggest value possible for our users.

It’s a gift to yourself and your career

You know when people are saying that you have to invest in yourself? This is one of these times, but as our product is fun, it’s more a gift than an investment.

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William Roy

Pitch doctor

For the last 6 years, I've helped managers, startupers, entrepreneurs craft their conferences, pitches and keynotes. As a startup lover and a facilitation enthousiast, I've imagined a game that will help people hone their public speaking skills for a small price.

Camille Laureau

Artistic Director

For the last 4 years, I've been working as a freelance Artistic Director. With such a position, my goal is to create unique design for my clients. In this project, I've decided to be as much an illustrator as a designer. I've create colourful decks and nice illustrations to make this idea real.