A coaching to get your message heard

Here is what you'll get from our work together

For your pitch

An adaptated structure

Great punchlines

An Amazing on Stage presence

Pro golfer level concentration and mental prep

For you

Better Communication Skills

Professionnal Recognition

Stress management tools

Peace of mind around public speaking

For your career

Great Leaderhsip skills

Charisma on command

Emotionnal intelligence

New perspectives on your projects

Get your first coaching session booked !

150per hour

Frequently asked question about our coaching

Frequently asked question about our coaching :




Do you write the talk for me?

No, we’re creating something that is supposed to look and sound like you, you do the work, we’re helping you doing it the most efficient way.

Why should I spend good money on your coaching?

Because when we work with our clients, they get results and peace of mind. Can you put a price on your peace of mind?

Is this executive coaching ou public speaking coaching

It’s a bit of both as your main contact Willima does both everyday. It’ll depend of your need and your goals.

What coaching tools do you use?

Pitch Cards of course, but NLP, positive psychology, Chris Vogler’s hero journey, Carmine Gallo and Nancy Duarte’s ideas…

Will you sign a NDA for our work together?

Yes, even if privacy is key for us.

Can your service be tied to results?

Most of the time no, but contact us and we’ll see.

And What if I’m not happy about your method?

Our method has a great track record but if your unhappy you can stop anytime you want.

Do you provide my slides if a need some?

We can hook you up with some graphic designer but that’s a separate service you’ll be buying



If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we’ll be delighted to hear from you !